Bevan & Carmen

I first met Carmen and Bevan just over a year ago, about 10 days before I had my second baby! Initially their plan was to have a 2017 wedding, but then Bevan called me some months later to say there was a change of plans and the wedding had been brought closer. Carmen and Bevan ended up tying the knot at Lourdes Hill College, where Carmen actually completed her schooling. The school is located on the banks of the Brisbane River and has phenomenal views! The wedding day itself was absolutely gorgeous and so hot for a Spring day! Things I loved about this wedding: The sparkly shoes!! The gorgeous jetty at the school we used for photo's. The night time city views. The fact there was a GIRL groomsman! The breathtaking sunset! The gorgeous prayer grotto and arch. The way Bevan totally adores his bride. Congrats Bevan and Carmen! Thanks for letting me hang out with you to photograph your day and for all the laughs about things I can't mention on here ha! You two are absolutely wonderful together!! Much much love! xx