Michael & Jane ... Feels Like Home

Well... what can I say... I definitely got a LOT more than I bargained for with Michael and Jane's wedding! Michael married the absolutely stunning Jane at her parents property in Maleny on a gorgeous November day. Jane and her girls looked breathtaking (don't you just love the little blue shoes!!!)... But Michael and his cheeky cohort of groomsmen - although they scrub up pretty well - those boys definitely gave me a run for my money! I mean really, WHO plays croquet in "personalised undies" on their wedding day, and wants it PHOTOGRAPHED!? LOL! And then the barrage of very cheeky comebacks all day! I was defeated by the end of the day! (Admittedly this is partly my fault for calling the groom and his brothers "girls" for their odd obsession with Mariah Carey...) Anyway. All those years of paying them out... and they certainly got me back good! Thank you for a fun day Michael and Jane! I have no doubt your future will be wonderful and prosperous... (as long as Michael doesn't make a day job of croquet in his undies...) Much love! xxx