Mark & Jess

It was so fun being a part of Mark and Jess's wedding day at Tamborine Gardens. The day itself was absolutely gorgeous and everyone looked beautiful - especially Jess and little Charlotte (Mark and Jess's little girl). Jess had secretly planned to surprise Mark (and everyone else) by dancing down the aisle to "Footloose"... At her bridal shower - a dance instructor even showed the party attendees a few moves and a choreographed dance to make it extra awesome! And it was! (The pictures speak for themselves!) Mark was totally surprised, and about 15 people (including the Father of the Bride) danced up a storm all the way to the top of the aisle! What a fun idea! The rest of the day was just as fun and adventurous - complete with some "hiking" to a waterfall (Jess - ever the trooper in her dress!), and Charlotte dancing up a storm on the dance floor at the reception! (That was uber cute!!) Mark and Jess (and Charlotte!) - congrats to you all!! Your 3 make the most gorgeous family! I hope that your lives are filled with many adventures, happy days, gorgeous sunsets, and loads of dancing!! Much much love! xx