Andrew & Jeanne

I was absolutely honoured to witness - let alone document - Andrew and Jeanne's wedding. What a wonderful and intimate occasion. Set in the back garden (and I use that term modestly - the garden is absolutely gorgeous!) of a family member's home, Andrew and Jeanne were wed on a Tuesday afternoon in March. With the weather being absolutely perfect, a stunning bride, and a visibly smitten groom, it was literally a truly blessed occasion. After the ceremony and a little garden with their nearest and dearest, Andrew, Jeanne and I headed to some of their favourite places in Brissy for some couple photo's. (How awesome are those confetti exit shots!! My fav!!) Thank you so much for this huge privilege A&J - seriously, you guys are awesome!! Your future is undoubtedly ablaze with gloriousness - I am so sure of it! Much much love always! <3 xx