Andrew & Milande

I was lucky enough to witness another one of my friends wed his love in September. On an absolutely beautiful day - my friend Andrew married his beautiful Milande. She looked simply stunning - a picture of elegance. Andrew and Milande held their wedding at Palmer Colonial at the Gold Coast. The golf course has a cute little chapel where the ceremony was held, and a gorgeous Queenslander type building overlooking the course where the reception was held. The day of the wedding was predicted to be awfully rainy and stormy, but the day was seriously amazing - Milande had confessed that that was one thing she had been praying for since their engagement. On top of a gorgeous day - we had planned to go out for after-dark photo's ... and well! Between the storm clouds, full moon, and the location - the images actually came out RIDICULOUS - like pieces of art! Andy and Milande - Happy one month anniversary lovers! May you have a future full of beautifully happy days! So so much love to you both! xx

Dee Van Der MerweComment