Ashley & Anniina

On a Weddnesday afternoon in November, Ash married his gorgeous Finnish beauty Anniina in a beautiful garden ceremony at picturesque Branell Homestead in Laidley. With Ash originating in St George, and Anniina who only in recent years moved to Australia from Finland, nearly all of the wedding guests were from far and wide. The really special thing about Ash and Anniina's wedding day is that in nearly a decade of being a photographer, I have never had the opportunity of photographing a single wedding that included a ferocious storm, intense lightning, a gorgeous rainbow, AND the most spectacular sunset - all in the space of about 90 mins! WOW! Queensland decided to put on a show for all the out-of-towners! I also loved the Finnish tradition of Ash having an engagement ring - isn't that super cool! (Wish I gave my hubby an engagement ring!) Ash and Anniina, thank you so so much for a wonderful afternoon, and for being such troopers in the weather!! Happy one month anniversary lovers! Sending you both heaps of love! xx

Dee Van Der MerweComment