Josh & Steph

So, 2015 saw me shooting an elopement in the boiling hot Nevada desert just outside Las Vegas, of course 2016's cherry on the cake was going to be an epic wedding on the Australian ski slopes of Falls Creek! And to do it for one of our family's closest friends - an absolute privilege. Our friends Josh and Steph, aka Stosh, aka the bride and groom, love skiing so much, they decided to travel to the most amazing snow fields of Australia to hold their wedding. Now, in this love story, skiing by definition would be "The art of travelling as fast as possible over snow", and this couple... well I don't know anyone who loves to travel over snow as much as they do! I had to just about beg them to NOT go for a ski run on their wedding day for fear of broken limbs (or worse, broken face!)... (The begging didnt work BTW.) The morning of Stosh's #wedski wedding was absolutely beautiful, clear sunny skies. Josh and Steph had about 30 of their closest friends and family with them on the slopes, and they found a gorgeous clearing between some trees to hold their ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by the best, aka Pastor Jake, aka the brides brother, and I have to say - he did a brilliant job - especially when he gave Josh a set of commitments to read out as his new brother-in-law! [Very clever Jake!] And how breathtaking does Steph look in her dress!!! GAH! Straight after the ceremony, Stosh clipped into their ski's and ski'd out of their ceremony straight onto a ski-lift that was fitted with a "Just Married" sign (how cool is that!!). Once the bridal party got to the top of the ski lift, we  hopped onto snowmobiles and were taken to some of the most breathtaking places I have ever been! The first set of photos were taken as some clouds rolled in, but the sun was still casting shadows on the snow and I was able to capture it all. Wow. I am pretty sure I could hear happy squeals, and Im pretty sure they were coming from my own mouth! The unique thing about Falls Creek are the gorgeous Snow Gum trees - making the most amazing backdrop. Just a few minutes into the bridal shoot, it started to snow, and then snow really hard. By the time we got to our third location, we were pretty much in a blizzard, with really poor visibility - and a REALLY frozen bridal party! Stosh held their reception dinner at Astra. The vibe was relaxed, the food was amazing, and the mood was absolutely festive! Speeches took place after dinner at the couple's penthouse, followed by some intense beer-pong playing, and a one man dance party. (That one man was me.) Stosh, thank you for the most incredible experience, and some of the most phenomenal photos of my career! We love you heaps and heaps!! Thanks for being our incredibly talented, super smart, always-win-at-boardgames friends. Congrats to you lovers!! xx

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