Matt & Stephanie

Well... I actually don't even know how or where to start with this amazing and absolutely inspiring couple! Matt and Steph both serve our country in the Army and Airforce. Matt is a mechanical engineer in the army, and Steph is an aviation engineer in the airforce. (Look I'm pretty sure there is more correct terminology for both their positions, but hey, I take pretty pictures for a living, right? Ha!) A few weeks before their wedding, Matt and Steph and I did their engagement shoot at the Amberly Aviation Heritage Museum, with Steph absolutely looking straight out of a 1950's magazine! The whole shoot had a very "Pearl Harbour" movie feel to it, and it was absolutely awesome to be a part of it! Soooooo... you can only imagine how much I was looking forward to their wedding. Set at the most amazing venue, Gabbinbar Homestead (Toowoomba), pretty much every wedding I have shot at this location is more of an experience, rather than an event. The detail at Matt and Steph's took it to the next level! Still on a similar vintage theme, Matt and Steph brought in their military heritage and life and subtly added touches here and there but with so much class. One of my favourite elements of the wedding was the name placements on each table - little army men! I mean how ridiculously cool is THAT?! Not to mention the table names in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, and the COOLEST seating chart ever! The wedding favours looking like the poshest "Rations" I've ever seen, and the family heirloom sword (yes, SWORD) used to cut the cake!! The groom looking so debonair in his uniform, and the bride - so absolutely elegant and stunning... Personally she reminded me of vintage Royalty! So... again... Where to start?! Matt and Steph, it is such an honour to have met you - let alone document the beautiful day you created! The two days I have spent with you (your engagement shoot and Wedding) - you both have been absolutely charming and wonderful! If I could fold you guys up and put you in my pocket to keep, I probably would! I have no doubt the rest of your days will be filled with love and beauty. I heart the Humes!! With loads of love and admiration! xx