Ben & Naomi

So... The conversation went like this... "Dee, what do you think of first looks?" ... I gave my answer (which was basically that I LOVE them!), to which the response was "YAY! T-rex outfit ordered!" *Insert confused emoji here* Naomi had sent me a youtube clip (which I then quickly watched) of another couple's first look where the bride turned up in a T-rex suit - and the groom just laughed and laughed! Day made! Needless to say I was SUPER stoked to photograph these two cool humans (they take cool to another level) and this T-rex suit! Ben had absolutely no idea his bride was going to arrive on the aisle as glamorous as Dorothy the Dinosaur... So... the wedding day arrives, and the moment she makes [waddles] her way down to her unsuspecting groom. We are all waiting for the laughter, the LOL, the grooms hilarious response. Inside I am BURSTING - I actually just want to pack up laughing and high-five the dinosaur! The T-rex arms are just a touch short (#authentic) and we have to tell Ben to turn around to see his bride. He does. I can safely say I have now seen the look of surprise / horror / "am I being Punk'd" all at the same time! I am not sure Ben was 100% sold on Dorothy the Dinosaur, but I can assure you - when the drop dead gorgeous Naomi jumped out of the T-rex suit, the man knew he'd struck the human lottery.  Naomi was absolutely radiant in her uniquely gorgeous get-up. Her bridesmaids we also a knockout in their stunning grey dresses. [Yep the boys scrubbed up pretty good too!] I love love LOVE all the red accessories and details here and there throughout the day. Married by Natasha Lewis - a gem of a lady - at the iconically gorgeous Hillstone St Lucia [seriously THE BEST DESSERT BAR!], we actually took most of the official photos before the actual start of the ceremony [its a "first look" thing]. Later in the afternoon, Naomi walked down the aisle again (without the T-rex outfit!) and Ben and Naomi were married in front of their closest friends and relatives. After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed time with their guests, laughing at the T-rex story [mostly Ben's reaction to it], and having a bit of fun with lawn games. The couple had a relaxed style reception, without formal speeches, but plenty of dancing and cake! Ben and Naomi - THANK YOU for letting me be a part of such a WONDERFUL day! Thank you for bringing your quirky uniqueness, your wit, your humour! It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to document your day. Massive T-rex hugs, love and high-fives to you both! Your fan always! xxx

*Special thanks to Queensland Brides for featuring this wedding in their Winter Edition 2017*