Chris & Bethany

When I first met Chris and Beth (and sweet little Mackenzie), I was really excited to hear that they were actually getting married at the Registry office. I had never done a registry wedding and curiosity always gets the better of me! They also told me that later in the same day after the registry wedding, they were having a second ceremony in front of their friends and family in the city's botanic gardens. What! TWO WEDDINGS IN ONE DAY!? Challenge accepted! Actually it was the best fun! Firstly I have to say I love their little touches that were just a bit different - like Beths wedding shoes, an old favourite pair of black lace ups... perfect for the day of walking we had planned- and she looked stunning with her black accessories! The registry is DEFINITELY not what I thought it was - but rather super stylish, 32 floors up, and the most amazing view you could hope for... [I want lie, its better than 99% of the chapels I visit]... [Did I just say that...?!] The ceremony was simple and quick, with only the nearest and dearest to witness. After all the "official business", we took a walk through our beautiful city to a delicious lunch spot - the Embassy Hotel. We also opted to use the venue as a photo location because it had this really night time / jazz blues bar feel and we all loved its character. After lunch we proceeded to head to the botanic gardens for ceremony number 2 of the day. Cutsie patootsie Miss Mackenzie [who I assure you is the best behaved baby to ever have lived] was finally awake to play her part in the wedding as the baby bouquet! And what a cute little smiley bouquet she was! All of the couple's friends and family gathered to witness heartfelt vows, and eternal commitments being made, under an avenue of giant fig trees. After well wishes and lots of hugs and kisses, we took a walk to some big trees draped in the most spectacular fairy lights. *sigh* The couple held their reception at MODA Events in the city - a wonderful little establishment with delicious food and excellent service! The couple hired Ramjet - the most amazing cover band! Seriously I was jamming to the music too! All the while, Miss Mackenzie still being the most perfect baby ever. It was an awesome day! [Plus I got to see one of my favourite past couples at the wedding - Tristan & Bianca!] Mr and Mrs Christoff - thank you for a wonderful day! I had the best time and found it a huge privilege to hang out with you all: Matthew Broderick, Rachel Griffiths, Elisha Cuthbert, Keanu Reeves, and Matt Damon! Bunch of superstars! haha! May the Christoff family continue to be blessed with much love and happiness. Big hugs to you guys and squishy cheek pinches for Miss M.  So much love! xx

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