Joel & Kate

When I first met Kate and Joel, they told me all about how they met while serving and doing their studies through the Army. I have to admit, there is just something about people who have served their country - they just seem to be the most put-together, on-it people around. *Side note - considering sending my kids to the army for life skills* After many years, these two love birds decided to tie the official knot. They were wed just a few blocks down from their very own home, at a Sailing Squadron. Massive high fives to the boys (especially Joel - who looked especially dashing) for enduring my endless comparison of them to Jerry Seinfeld (but seriously - can you see it!?!?), and actually calling Joel Jerry a few times.. *sorry Jerr- - er - Joel.* The ladies looked gorgeous, and Kate and her exquisite beauty was just a picture of perfect grace and elegance all day. The ceremony was set upon a jetty, overlooking a massive storm in the distance (thankfully it didn't come any closer or we'd be fried by lightning for sure!). Kate's uncle who serves in the Navy performed the ceremony in beautiful fashion. Photos were taken in the oldest parts of Bulimba, and the Brisbane River and old shipyards made the most spectacular locations. The sky - with its stormy skies, a magnificent sunset and silver lined clouds - really created the perfect backdrop. The reception was set on the deck of the Sailing Squadron building, overlooking the Brisbane River. Unfortunately earlier in the day the couple's champagne tower was blown over by a gust of wind *insert ugly cry here* so I didn't get to witness its gloriousness, but the fairy-light canopy,  and breathtaking views made the evening pretty amazing! Joel and Kate, thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your day. You two are absolutely brilliant humans and this world is a better place because you're in it. (Also because you are both in the medical industry!!) It is a privilege to know you! So so so much love to you! Your fan, Dee xx

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