Rhys & Beatriz

I was so excited to shoot Rhys and Beatriz's wedding day! Especially after spending a windy afternoon with them doing their engagement photos. They are just two awesome humans! So, on a beautiful March morning, I headed to the coast for the wedding day! Rhys had some last minute suit issues - but he still scrubbed up really great, along with his two groomsmen. Beatriz looked incredible (she seriously has the most spectacular eyes!), and her two bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their pink dresses. The couple held their wedding at the Boomerang Farm, with loads of happy tears from Rhys - adorable - and his dad too (aka Best Man) - [Dont think I didn't notice you crying there dad!] as Beatriz was walked down the aisle by her two brothers. Photos were taken offsite at one of my favourite locations in the GC hinterland - a breathtaking "nothing spot" as I call it - just a little gem I found a few years ago for another wedding I did. Rhys and Beatriz had a wonderful reception, buzzing with atmosphere and latino music - and the food was excellent! The dance floor was pumping with salsa dancing, including some impressive steps from the bride and groom, and the brides El Salvadorian family! What a treat! Definitely makes you want to get on there and jiggy with them all! Congratulations Rhys and Beatriz!! What an honour being there to witness you two becoming one! Thanks so much for a fun day, and for letting me crank the beats as I drove you two to the nothing spot haha! May you only ever be blessed with the very best for your lives!! So much love to you both! xx