Rory & Kelly

A month ago today, my gym buddy got married. Wait - let me rephrase... A month ago my butt-kicking-lawyer-and-chuck-norris-gym-partner got married to a super-talented-creative-lyrical-genius-painter dude. There - that sounds better! These two are literally some of the best humans in the universe (also some of the best looking) - so for two supreme individuals becoming united as one - I can only imagine the goodness that will come out of this! Rory and Kel decided on the magically beautiful Stradbroke Island to get married as this is where Rory spent his childhood. Rory looked super suave in his wedding outfit, and Kel was babe'n in her Grace Loves Lace dress. The ceremony was set up beautifully one of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen, and the beautiful Christie from "It Takes Two" weddings officiated the day wonderfully! Lyrical genius Rory had THE BEST vows I have ever heard! One of my fav photos of the day is just after the first kiss - Kel is cracking up laughing at the red lipstick all over Rory's face! LOVE IT! Rory, Kel and I headed to some absolutely gorgeous locations on the island, but my favourite would have to be a beach where Rory used to play as a child amongst some shipwrecks. The place is beautiful, but the moment we got there we witnessed an amazing miracle. The rain clouds in the distance parted and this amazing golden light shone down onto the water. Simply breathtaking. It was so picturesque that I am literally stating it was a miracle! Sunsets like that are so rare!! Ive seen few as beautiful as that! R+K count yourself blessed!! The couple held their reception at the local bowls club and it was awesome! Another highlight was all of Rory's nieces and nephews doing a traditional dance as a blessing to the couple, and then (cherry on the cake) Rory getting up to dance  with them all. Rory and Kel - thank you SO much for letting me stalk you so much on your wedding day. Thanks for letting me be a part of it all! I feel super special that I got to see you so much on your big day! LOL! May all your days be sunshine beach days, and may the rain clouds always part before you to reveal the most amazing miracles for your eyes to see, LOVE YOU BOTH HEAAAAAAAPS!!! xxx

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