Ryan & Catherine

I actually met Ryan and Catherine at the Hillstone Showcase in May of this year. We had a good chat about the ever gorgeous Dino Bride, and they had literally JUST walked away from my stand when the lucky door prizes were called - one of which was an engagement shoot with me! I was lucky enough to have had these two wonderful humans be the winner of that prize! As their number was read out and we all realised that they had won, we just laughed so hard - and I told Catherine that she better call me! Well, lucky for me - she did! So I got to hang out with Ryan and Catherine at their freezing cold engagement shoot at Wellington point! (They braved the cold at sunrise! #dedicated) Ryan and Catherine held their wedding at one of my favourites - Hillstone St Lucia! Their wedding had SO many cute little people in it - both as guests, and as flower girls and page boys! The ceremony was beautiful, with lots of tears coming from the gorgeous bride (who I think is a dead ringer for Christina Applegate! #babe!). Photos were taken on the property, and the day was an absolutely perfect Winters day! Ryan and Catherine's reception was lovely - decorated with beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Catherine, who is a qualified pastry chef, made the cake HERSELF (I mean just look at that detail on the bottom layer - wow!!) - talented lady! Once again Hillstone St Lucia put on an amazing feast and dessert buffet, and the dance party was pretty epic - with the little people being the biggest party-starters of all! Ryan and Catherine thank you so much for a wonderful day! What an honour it was to share it with you! May you forever be blessed with beautiful sunsets, amazing feasts and delicious cakes! So much love to you both! Congrats!!! xx