Ben + Chani

Chani is the stunning sister of a former [and equally stunning] colleague of mine, and when we first met to chat through her wedding photography, I think we spent more time chatting about F45 and CrossFit, than wedding things! This beautiful lady [who is equally, if not more stunning on the inside], married her super handsome now husband [equally handsome on the inside too] at the lovely Braeside Chapel on the Gold Coast [my first time shooting there!]. [I’ll have to also add that when I met Ben, my first words were “Hi, Im Ben.. wait you’re Ben, Im Dee!” #ultradorkmove] Anyway, these two loves married on a beautiful September day, and their ceremony was officiated by their Pastor, who did an awesome job on a multi-lingual service [English and Afrikaans]. Photos were held around the Braeside property, and across the road on an awesome patch of wild grass. The couples reception was also held at Braeside, in a clear and white marquee [who doesn’t love a clear marquee!] and I have to say [being a former Saffa], I loved the bonbonaires - a little box of Biltong [aka beef jerky but WAAAAAY better], and koeksisters [like a donut drenched in sweet syrup *drool*]. [It was also fun explaining to all the Aussies seated at the table with me what each of these was, and forcing them to taste each thing!] The reception was lovely and intimate [ie Ben not only naming and thanking his close friends and family, but explaining to everyone WHY they were important to him - so cool!]. Ben and Chani, THANK YOU for having me tag along to document your day and for making me feel so special! Your generosity is admirable and I bet [or at least hope] the people in your lives feel lucky to know you [as do I]! I hope your life is filled with golden sunsets, happy laughing, and so much lang-arm-dancing to sokkie treffers [translated: Afrikaans style dancing to Afrikaans music that sounds like country music]. So so much love to you both! Happy one month anniversary! xxx