Chris + Steph

Dr Chris and his creative genius creative wife Steph [legit - she is the most incredible animator- Disney WATCH OUT], held their wonderful wedding in the vicinity of Southbank Brisbane. With Chris coming from a Lebanese family, this wedding actually held SO many awesome surprises for me [after 10 years of weddings - this is a MASSIVE breath of fresh Lebanese air!]. The day started out as normal - stunning bride [like seriously - those EYES and that dress!] - gorgeous and fun bridesmaids [including a familiar face - Mrs Carmen whose wedding I photographed 3 years ago], hotel, limo… you know - same deal. [Oh by the way - it was raining all day too… *sigh*] Anyway! We turn up to the church [which I had only seen from the outside during our location scout] and as I walk in I am surprised by how lovely the church was inside - smelling of incense, and a beautifully decorated altar at the front. The traditional [well, Im guessing it was somewhat traditional] Lebanese ceremony was beautiful, and mostly sung by the Father Elie [well done Father Elie!]. I probably looked like such a dope with a stupid grin on my face because I was honestly so pleasantly surprised and loving every minute of it. My fav bit of the ceremony would have to be the part where the couple get crowned - SO Royal wedding-esque! [I should also mention that our groom shed a tear or two during the reading which in turn made ME want to cry] There was much happiness and well wishes after the ceremony and the bridal party then headed off to the Botanical Gardens for photos. By the time we got to our last location, we had to walk what seemed like 5kms in the pouring rain! Steph was such a trooper - despite achy feet and wet everything [I was running with my cameras INSIDE my clothing - not the most ideal situation but alas!]. The entrance to the reception during a Lebanese wedding is a grand affair [from what I gather]. Both sets of parents of the couple are welcomed in and have a bit of a dance while all the guests cheer them on, then the bridal party come in, and then the couple walk into their reception to their own DRUMMER leading the way [LOUD drumming], and they dance for like 20 mins - first with each other - then the bride dances with the grooms mum [kind of a “welcome to the family” thing] - then on chairs - then each with their own parents - the bride with the grooms dad - then with the bridal party - all the while ALL the guests and family are having a massive dance around this dancing, AND the drummer is going at the same time. [It was really hard to ninja my way around that chaotic dance floor] Again - insert dopey grin face on this photographer! The reception was filled with loving speeches from relatives and friends, tears from the groom [again] and such fun celebrating. Chris and Steph- THANK YOU so much for letting me share in a day I will never forget! What a truely wonderful and happy occasion. I hope your new life in your new city is a happy one, filled with loud happy drums, too much wine, and an overflow of happy tears. Sending so much love your way! xx