Corey + Naomi

If you know me even just a teeny bit, you’ll know that I love love, so when I meet high school sweethearts who are engaged to be married - ALL the warm and fuzzies start to go! And that’s how it was with Corey and Naomi… these BFF / High School Sweethearts / now husband and wife are actually the cutest duo ever - and so absolutely in love! These two wonderfuls chose the stunning Sirromet to hold their wedding, where they were married in Sirromet’s outdoor chapel, with their reception in Sirromet’s uniquely beautiful Barrell Room. Naomi was actually really ill the night before her wedding but you would absolutely never know it because she was simply glowing and beaming all day! Corey had big tears watching his beauty walk down the aisle [PS how awesome is his jacket!?]. During the ceremony, Corey read vows to Naomi’s mum [from memory I think it was promising to look after her daughter, but also to be a good son] and there was literally not a dry eye around [the bridesmaids were a MESS!]. Props to Naomi’s mum who actually managed to keep it together while the rest of us welled up! Photos were taken around the Sirromet property, which always looks on point, and the vineyards were lush and green. The couples reception was loads of fun with awesome music from the GM DJ’s team, but my absolute favourite part was how the couple got every married couple onto the dance floor, and slowly eliminated them by the length of their marriage, with the winners being the grooms grandparents who were married the longest in the room - a whopping 53 years! The couple had pre-arranged for Corey’s grandparents wedding waltz song to be played (as the winners of the dance-off) and, as the original “Great Pretender” crooned these two long time lovers on the dance floor, all the guests clapped and cheered them on. [Needless to say my “Love” tank was bursting at the seams and I actually wanted to sob big happy crocodile tears at this amazing achievement!] Once the dancing started the party really got going and I saw people bust out ALL the moves and actually “work” the Macarena like it was 1996! Corey and Naomi - happy one month anniversary loves! With your foundation of friendship and true love, I have no doubt that in 5 decades, you two will be the oldies winning the “longest-married” dance off against the world. May you be best friends and lovers for life and beyond! So much love, your fan Dee xx