Curtis + Emma

I first met Curtis and Emma at the Wedding of Curtis's brother Ben. These two lovely humans contacted me earlier this year and the convo went like this: Them: "Dee, we are having a surprise wedding". Me: "COOL!! IM IN! Wait, what?" Haha! So yep - because both Curtis and Emma had milestone birthdays this year, it was easy to plan a big party and invite everyone along. Tricky things included keeping it a secret, and making sure all the important people attended [cough cough Ben and his footy almost didnt make it]. Because, you know, birthday parties and weddings are at different levels in the food chain, right? Anyway! Another secret to keep was the fact that the couples celebrant was also the Mother-of-the-Brides boss! So there were a few parties involved in this sneaky trickery! [Also, some people were anticipating an engagement at least because C+E weren't even ENGAGED! Talk about #jumpingrightin LOL] Curtis and Emma decided to do a "First look" because Emma's parents were meeting them earlier in the day [they had no idea they would meet Emma in wedding attire]. Curtis cried big tears when he saw his beautiful bride! By the time Emma's parents arrived and instantly knew what was happened, you could see they were proud as punch! [Plus - the bride and groom looked amazing all dressed up - it would be hard to not be a proud parent of this sneaky pair!] The couple were wed at One Tree Hill in Maleny. Curtis and his immediate family [who also had no clue] arrived and set up the ceremony with a few friends [who actually were in the know!], and I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible when I arrived, but with my red Mini and my pixie hair, I heard Naomi [Bens wife and my past bride] exclaim "Ah! Dee's here! ITS A WEDDING!" Haha - sorry to have inadvertently let the cat out the bag Em! There was so much excitement by the time Emma arrived, and the couples ceremony was beautiful - with much banter from the pairs mums, and so so many tears from the couple. While the small group that attended the ceremony went to the Reception [aka Curtis and Emma's "birthday party"], the couple and I took photos in the gorgeous Maleny hills enjoying a sunset to die for, pink sparkly gumboots, and with guest starring cows. The couple held their reception at Em's family home. When Curtis and Em arrived, there was much joy and excitement from the rest of the partygoers who had no idea that there had been a wedding earlier on in the day and they were actually at a reception. Dinner was a delicious buffet with more meat than you could imagine [think epic slow roast / spit / barbecue!]! Super-organised Em arranged for confetti cannons and smoke dispensers - which were let off during the couples first dance and I can honestly say I have NEVER seen so much confetti in one space ever! Curtis and Em - the cat is well and truly out of the bag! Congrats on your one month anniversary [that went fast!!]. Thank you so much for a fun day, I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have been in on your little [massive] secret!! I hope your life is filled with beautiful surprises, gorgeous rolling hills, happy socks, sparkly things, and sweet sunset kisses. Much much love to you wonderful humans! xxx