James + Leanne

James and Leanne [aka Jimmy and Lenny] are two awesome humans who decided to get married a month ago today. Unlike today, the weather was absolutely appalling and this ended up being one of the wettest weddings I’ve photographed. The thing with that is that we had planned to go to the beach all along [Noosa beach aka one of the most beautiful beaches on earth] - and stuck to our guns regardless of the sideways downpour. Still, these two humans and their friends persevered through the rain and still gave the biggest smiles all afternoon [despite all being downed rats - myself included]. I love that Jimmy and his boys rocked matching undies [er… I saw them open the packaging - not actually WEARING the undies], I love the brown Vans for wedding shoes - true to their skating / surfing selves, and I love the simple outfits and the braces. Looking sharp boys! [Although at our meeting Jimmy had mentioned wearing a kilt to represent his Scottish heritage, but alas - zero tartan made it to the day]. Leanne definitely did not look like a Lenny on her wedding day. Ever the picture of absolute grace and beauty, everything about her glowed - despite the couples youngest daughter not being her usual smiley self. Speaking of daughters, the couples oldest daughter [a little older than 3 I think] Miss Layla was an absolute hoot all day. Such a sassy little thing - when she got to the aisle - instead of walking her way nervously down the aisle, this little confident jellybean squealed with delight as she saw her friends and family and she raced over to them to give them a couple. While the mini humans were reuniting in the cutest scene ever, the big humans got married in a touching ceremony. [The original plan was to have the ceremony outdoors at RACV Noosa, but the indoor space was actually beautifully done! Well done team!] Photos were brief and extremely wet, and the planned “confetti shot” was moved to the shelter of a hotel balcony [#sorrynotsorry for the mess!]. The couples reception was so much fun - probably the most amount of small humans I’ve seen at a wedding in a long time, but still - so fun! During the couples first dance, little Layla watched her parents and as they danced and then out of nowhere gave them the “rock on” hand gesture while staring at them starry eyes - legit the CUTEST thing! McPherson Fam- I heart you guys! Thanks for being so super cool - chilled, and happy despite sucky weather! Thanks for letting me share in your amazing day - I really feel honoured to have been there. I hope that the future holds many sunny beach days, loads of happy smiles - even in the rain, and an endless shower of Sass and Rock on hands from your two little humans. Massive love to you! <3 xx