Jeremy + Lisa

I am pretty lucky to have a job where I get to hang out with pretty awesome humans. However, when one of them just happens to be a REAL LIFE DISNEY PRINCESS [legit], well - oh happy day indeed! Queen Elsa [aka Lisa] married her wonderfully kind and gentle Prince [aka Jeremy - who also happens to be my technical go-to in photography] at Factory 51 on a stunning August day. The couple were “friends” for a few years [even though everyone in the Kingdom KNEW they were meant to live happily ever after], and surrounded by their absolute closest humans pledged their forever love to one another. [Lisa even walked down the aisle to “I see the Light” which - if you’ve watched the movie “Tangled” is only the most romantic Disney song ever!] After a sweet and intimate lunch time reception, the three of us [myself and the Disney humans] went on our photo adventure. Like any TRUE Disney Princess, at our first stop and while waiting for Jeremy to pop the champagne, a horse came out of NOWHERE and headed STRAIGHT for the Disney Queen herself. I swear I have been to that place SO MANY times and I have NEVER in my life seen a horse there!!! Disney magic or WHAT?! As Jeremy pops the cork on the Champers, the horse gets a MASSIVE fright and runs backwards [cant say I’ve ever seen that either] - which is just as well because it was actually getting way too fresh with Lisa! EVENTUALLY the horse left the lovebirds in peace. More Disney magic happened at our last location - it all just looked like it was out of a dream. The space under the fairy-light tree was actually where Lisa and Jeremy were engaged so it was really special to be back there on their wedding night. Jeremy and Lisa, THANK YOU for letting me be the one to document your day. It was truly a magical day!! May your future be filled with Disney adventures, an epic love story, and the greatest happily ever after in all of time. Massive love to you both!!! xxx