John & Esther

So um, what do you do when the Wedding Photographer you asked to train you in photography, asks you to photograph their wedding?? You panic. Mildly, Okay maybe a lot, but I played it cool. As best as I could. [And by that I mean only I could see how my hands were shaking during bride prep] [That could have been the pre-workout/caffeine hit I had before I started my 2 hour drive to Noosa that morning too...] [Probably the nerves though] ANYWAY! For the last decade or so, I have always wanted to grow up and be just like Esther - and still the same is true today! This funky, super-sassy gorgeous woman, married the most beautiful, kind and gentle man, on an exceptional August day, in one of the most beautiful places on earth - and I GOT TO DOCUMENT IT! And you know, when you start the day with accessories like red Valentino's [Yes - real ones], a stunning Made With Love gown, a gondola as the days mode of transport, an EPIC confetti cannon moment [thanks Peter and friend!], the most delicious lunch at Ricky's Noosa [Thanks absent guest Tracey and Event Manager Sinead!], and end it dancing to Despacito [no judging okay!] on a sand bank IN THE MIDDLE of the Noosa River [Not your average location - Thanks Gondolas of Noosa man!], and then silhouette on a rocky beach as the sun disappeared for the day... I mean - HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS DAY! [Yes- I'm yelling!] HOW!? John and Esther - I heart you guys so much! Thank you SO much for the fun day! Honestly - the biggest privilege and the best time! Thank you for doing things your way and including me in the fun to enjoy the day with you guys! [Thanks especially for letting me DJ your gondola ride home] May your future be filled with endless dancing under sunny skies, and smooching on deserted beaches. Massive massive love to you both!! Love, Fangirl Dee xx