Jonathon + Laura

So I met Jonathon and Laura about 6 weeks out from their wedding [eeek!]. They were planning a “secret” wedding in their back yard for only their very closest friends and parents. They also told me that they are terribly unphotogenic and only had hideous selfies of each other [they showed me proof and were not wrong], but I didn’t care - it was on like donkey kong! Only the couple’s BFF knew about the plans, and Laura’s mum and sister who came from her homeland [Canada] to be at the wedding. [Essentially the secret was just for Jonathons family] Jonathons parents flew in the night before the wedding, anticipating some Business award ceremony for Jonathon [that was the fib they had to tell to get them to come from interstate], but it turns out they couldn’t actually KEEP the secret so ended up telling them when they arrived anyway! As mentioned, the couple held a small ceremony and reception at their home and it was really lovely. We decided to start the day with a first look to accomodate timing / photos and lunch, so I took these two hideous people out to a park nearby to do their terrible photos. [Can you tell Im being sarcastic] I have to say I LOVED the couples outfits for the day. Jonathon looked like a suit model in his suit, and Laura was a breath of AWESOME in her Lelujah Bridal two piece wedding gown [I KNOW RIGHT - SEQUINS AND TULLE AND NON-WHITE: Ticking all my boxes here!]. I especially loved her yellow shoes / boots for the day!! I DIDNT EVEN KNOW YELLOW AND GREY WORK SO WELL TOGETHER BUT THEY DOOOO! [Okay I will stop shouting now]. Anyway it was extremely difficult getting a good photo or angle out of these two *insert sarcastic tone*, and I had to take a million images just to get one good one *more sarcasm*. [In all honesty though, I did get a bit trigger happy with these two because well - just look!] After the photos [and about 3 memory cards] the couple went to their sweet and emotion filled ceremony, which was brilliantly officiated by Jakin Smith. And yes there were so many tears. After the ceremony, the bride put on an apron and helped finish off lunch preparation whilst family helped set up the table and reception. It truly was an awesome and intimate day. Jonathon and Laura - I heart you and all your hideousness! My quirky adores your quirky! I hope that the rest of your days are filled with Confetti pops, happy yellow rain boots, and big delicious family lunches. [Seriously that roast was AMAZING!] Sending you so much love on your 1 month anniversary! xx

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