Joseph + Lauren

So when I first met Joe + Lauren, I knew they were cool because they are both Flight Attendants - which is on my list of “jobs Ive always wanted to do” [but sadly - “Midget life” has me wingless]. BUT - on their wedding day, I realised just how cool they were… I ended up meeting them both at Hillstone prior to the ceremony due to the days timings - with Joe and his best man having a quick ciggy before the ceremony, and Lauren - getting all the finishing touches to her bride prep in the Rosewood Room where the couples reception was to be held later that evening. The boys light up a cigarette and Joe asks me to photograph it because its celebratory - and a “special occasion” thing! Im like - these dudes are badass cool LOL! [Later on during photos the party lit up cigars and puffed away on those - girls included - and then insisted that they take a photo of ME puffing away on a cigar… can you tell I don’t smoke LOL! Totes a fake puff!] What I CAN say about this is that actual smoke is awesome in photos [probably not so good in lungs though]. Lauren and Joe had a wonderful ceremony [group photo salute included!], but their reception was awesome - so much fun and laughter. Joe walked his bride into their reception, crooning a song to her that brought big tears to her eyes. The couple also had a friend [Daniel] who is actually a pro singer, croon guests all day - and at the reception confessed that he actually worked with the Beach Boys [legit the ACTUAL Beach Boys], so started playing some songs of theirs that got heaps of people up out their seats [the oldies leading the way - GO OLDIES!] and into an impromptu dance party! I can’t say that this happens very often and was actually awesome to see and be a part of. I love that the couple chose the Rosewood Room for their first dance - its a beautiful space, before moving down to the Library bar for a big dance party. Just as I left, I was fortunate enough to see the groom, suit on, holding a pot of coffee, serving his guests.- true to his Flight Attendant self! Joe + Lauren, THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your wonderful day you cool badass humans! I hope that your future is full of impromptu dancing and singing, red lipstick kisses, and happy celebratory cigars! Massive love to you! * Salute * xx