Mark + Amanda

I first met the lovely Amanda at the Hillstone Showcase much earlier this year! This vibrant lady with her infection smile and laugh was introduced to me by the lovely Sophie at Hillstone, as an old friend. I caught up with her and Mark over coffee one morning, and I think we chatted more about drones and random stuff, than wedding stuff [Im sensing a trend here] and I have to admit, I was looking forward to these two cheeky humans [ / party animals] wedding. The day arrived and there were *quite* a few children around [insert MASSIVE cute factor] [Also insert MASSIVE chaos factor] Haha nah - they were definitely more cute than chaotic! I have to make mention of Amanda’s GORGEOUS and unique wedding gown [doesnt she look stunning!], made by her step-mum Wendy - who also did the flowers *talented lady!Mark and Amanda held their wedding at the ever amazing - Hillstone - on a sunny September day. I think one of my most favourite moments in my career is [post ceremony] Amanda’s niece sobbing and being overwhelmed by it all. I just remember thinking *This is how a story like 27 Dresses starts*… The couples photos were taken at the Hillstone property, followed by the reception in the Rosewood room at the venue. The reception was MC’d by Mark’s sister - who did a superb job and has such a wicked sense of humour, she kept the guests [and myself] in stitches! Mark and Amanda - HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY! Thank you so much for a really fun day!! It was such a privilege to hang out with you two awesome humans [you are an expert champagne popper Mark!]. I hope that all of your days are happy, and bubbly, and full of dancing into the weee hours of the morning. [In fact I am almost certain that they will be!] Massive massive love to you two! xx