Matt & Katie

I have been waiting a LONG time for my dear friend Katie to be snatched up by someone. Such a talented and beautiful human (not to mention a gorgeous old soul) deserved nothing less than her very own Superman / Clarke Kent, and when I finally met him, Matt was pretty much that! [The specs gave it away Matt!] Matt and Katie met at the school they both worked at, have been "friends" for a bajillion years, went on a worldwide adventure over 6 or so months [because "thats what friends do"] before it was FINALLY revealed that this friendship had blossomed into  Superman [aka MatMan] flying off into the sunset with his Lois Lane. Matt and Katie held their wedding at the lovely Harrup Park in Mackay [and believe it or not, I actually like Mackay #whatsinMackay] with a gorgeous garden ceremony and an indoor reception and 14 cute cherubs in the bridal party [YAY Auntie Katie and Uncle Matt]. I loved Katie's arbour [gotta love me a good triangle... #martiniglass] and their ceremony was filled with input from their friends and family - including a ribbon ceremony and the sweetest poem from Matt. Photos on cliffsides at Slade Point prove that Mackay IS pretty, and this is not the first wedding Ive shot there [Yay Meagan and Jack!] and I still think the same. Matt and Katie had a wonderful reception, filled with family and friends, dancing, games, cheers, remembering precious souls who could not be there, and of course - Katies fav: Country Music [Shudder]. Matt and Katie, THANK YOU for letting me be a part of the Lois Lane / Superman story! I feel honoured to know you, to have been there, and to have shared in your love story... er... friend story? LOL! Definitely a love story! You both are wonderful, and as handsome and gorgeous as you are, your exterior doesn't match the beauty of your hearts! I pray you are blessed with so many happy and joyous years of fruitful love, and I really hope all your country songs from now on have happy endings! So much love to you both! xxx