Nathan & Kate

When I first met Nathan and Kate they weren't even engaged, but their wedding was just about planned! So of course I was super stoked to be in on the secret, AND really excited when I finally got the text photo of a very happy newly engaged couple when it FINALLY happened (after an Amazing-Race-esq type proposal all over Brisbane!). Nath and Kate were married at the ever gorgeous Hillstone in St Lucia on a glorious July day (it was such a warm day too!). The couple assured me that they didnt really want any bride-prep photos but to focus more on Ceremony and Reception and I obliged but I really shouldn't have because LOOK AT THAT DRESS! UGH! So sparkly and I was in love and devastated at the same time! How gorgeous and cute are these two humans (and they are also  so ridiculously nice that I want to fold them up and stick them in my pocket!). Despite Nathan telling me on numerous occasions that he couldn't take a good photo (and I have MANY where he's pulling cheeky faces at me), I think we got some good one - nice try Nath! The couples reception was a really fun one with some traditions from Kates side of the family (including a down-down one - fun!!), a sweet first dance, and a delicious dessert buffet (YAS Hillstone! Best dessert buffet in Brissy!). Nathan and Kate - thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wonderful day - it was really a privilege to hang out with you and all your lovely humans. I hope that your future is filled with happy down downs, and many happy cheeky-faced photos. What a pleasure to meet and know you! Massive love to you on your one month anniversary! xx