Nathan + Tammy

It was so lovely getting to know Nathan and Tammy! They are such a fun couple, and it helps that we all share a love of fitness, cool and quirky things [they have an epic couch], and we all have a mutual hate of those terrible shoes: Crocs. [Sorry, I cant help it. They are hideous - I dont care how comfy they are!] *All the Crocs lovers suddenly unfollow* These two lovely humans held their wedding amongst all their lovely humans at the very lovely Sandstone Point Hotel [so much loveliness everywhere!]. The morning of the wedding was a bit rainy, but it cleared up beautifully for photos [love them Jetty shots]. Cheeky Nathan gave his bride-to-be her very own PERSONALISED CROCS *gag* - although if I was to like Crocs [and I dont], these monochrome worded ones aren’t too bad [I still dont like Crocs], but I was most horrified when Tammy took off her unicorn slippers to try them on! *Dee died here* Anyway. Thankfully that moment was brief! The bride had the coolest Mustang as her wedding car, and the ceremony was wonderfully officiated by Christine Mardon. After the ceremony the bridal party and I went for photos around the venue [including the cellar where the reception was help - its SO cool!]. The reception was filled with loving speeches, and run by a really cool DJ named Tony [I think] who got the party started with the “Shoe Game”. It was really wonderful to have met all these lovely humans! Nathan and Tammy - THANK YOU for a wonderful day! I cant believe its already been a month since the wind nearly blew us all off that Jetty, but it was such a fun day! I hope that your life is filled with loving family, gorgeous sunsets, and no more Crocs. Massive massive love to you both - Happy one month anniversary!!! xxx

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