Rod & Ange

My final wedding for 2017 was such a lovely one, it left me feeling warm and fuzzies for days! Rod and Ange were referred to my by friends to take photos for their small wedding ceremony (at the gorgeous Hillstone St Lucia) in front of their nearest and dearest. The first time I laid eyes on Ange was when she was standing near the doorway of her home (as I entered), beautifully adorned in her exquisite wedding gown - and she looked glorious! [Rod - you looked pretty snazzy too - but your wife - WOW!] Both Rod and Ange have each got two stunning and fun daughters - it was such a blast hanging out with them because it really was a laugh a minute. Rod and Ange held their ceremony in the courtyard at Hillstone, and there seemed to be a magical glow about it that day... *sigh*.... The sunset was absolutely PHENOMENAL and the couple were blessed with the most amazing "Monet sky" I have ever seen! The reception was a casual cocktail style setup on the terrace, with a delicious buffet for all to enjoy under picturesque festoon lighting. During speeches, just about EVERYONE was in tears at the beautiful speech Rod delivered, and the night ended with Ange's parents (who have been married for a VERY long time - I forget the number, only remembering that it was big!) having a good old jig to the brilliant sounds of Lure Music. Rod and Ange - what an honour to be a part of your wonderful afternoon. You love for each other is infectious, and your daughters are beautiful. May all your days be filled with Monet skies, and your nights with dancing on a terrace. So much love to you all! xxx