Wedzi + Mufaro

I have known Wedzi for a few years now, but when I caught up with him and Mufaro [his new fiancé at the time], we chatted and chatted forever! These two humans are the kind of people that give the term “decent person” its meaning. They are sincere, genuine, wise, and so absolutely gentle that its not hard to be smitten with them. I was also pretty excited to photograph my first Zimbabwean wedding! The two were married on the very first day of September on the banks of the Brisbane river, with our beautiful city and sun setting as a backdrop. The ceremony was both in Shona [a language of Zimbabwe] and english, and let me tell you there were very few dry eyes by the end of it. Wedzi, I dont understand Shona AT ALL, but your vows held something more than words to them. There was almost electricity in the air that STILL makes me tear up thinking about the feeling of them. Official photos were held around the Kangaroo Point cliffs area, but the ceremony began somewhat [a lot] later than anticipated so I have never had to work so fast to create an adequate amount of images for these two! But - feeling proud of what we accomplished that day! [Along with the awesome Andrew Short for Mitch Birchall Studios] The Reception was held at the Easts Leagues Club and was decorated beautifully! [Loved the addition of sequins] I have to say I loved the African singing by family members - straight after the first kiss at the ceremony, and upon entering the reception - the couple were treated by the elder women of the family [Aunties, cousins and mums] and they made a pathway into the reception of sentimental blankets, and sang the couple in - it was fantastic to witness! The night was filled with touching and heartfelt speeches, so many tears from both bride and groom, and then a killer dance party to finish it off [love them RnB hits too guys! I literally Shazammed some LOL]. Wedzi and Mufaro, happy one month anniversary! Thank you SO much for letting me have the privilege of photographing your wedding and witnessing such an awesome and beautiful day. May your days always be filled with happy singing, epic dancing, and precious words that need no translation. So much love to you both! xxx