Calvin + Ash [MALDIVES]

Theres something about travelling half way across the world with your family on a mini holiday and to enjoy a wedding at the same time with all your absolute favourite humans in the world. You can bet your bottom dollar that when my own two daughters are engaged to be married I will most certainly be pushing the “destination wedding” idea. I’m pretty sure those that have made and executed this decision have far less regrets than those who might have spent the same cash on a massive local wedding…? [Feel free to comment your thoughts] Anyway - it definitely takes your experience as a wedding vendor to a different level, and of course the gratitude of such an experience is forever. My amazing couple Calvin and Ash held a glorious wedding in none other than paradise [especially for a lizard like me - sun + sea = bliss!], bringing along those closest to them. On trips like this, solid bonds between a family or friend relationships are undoubtedly taken to new levels, especially without the hustle and bustle and rush of a single wedding day. With a scene of crystal clear sea, overwater bungalows, beautiful white sand, and two exceptionally good looking humans, it really was a dream job! [Thanks guys - making me look good] Cal and Ash chose a sandy seaside spot for their ceremony where the atmosphere was only made more beautiful by Ash’s cousin Meagan’s singing and hubby James on the guitar. The bride and her bridesmaids looking absolutely stunning as they arrived with very few dry eyes around the place, and an awed crowd of holiday-makers watching the event unfold. The ceremony was officiated by Ash’s brother Kim who totally nailed it like a pro-celebrant despite it being his first time! So much crying and so many beautiful words. With unhindered raw emotion, proud parents and happy friends all hugged the happy couple after they were pronounced husband and wife. Photos were taken around the resorts amazing beaches and locations, with one of the favourites being a tree covered in red hearts with the names of those who wed or honeymooned on the island *aw*. The couples reception was held on a deck at one of the resorts restaurants, under a canopy of stars and fairy lights. Emotional speeches followed a champagne tower and the air was saturated with love, romance and joy. I have to admit the dance party was epic and I enjoyed it so much, i’m only sad it didn’t last longer! [Look it was a good run at a 12:40am finish!] Special mention to the best rapper I have ever met - Johnnie P - who rapped up a storm during the reception and had everyone up out of their seats! Cal and Ash, THANK YOU so much for letting me be a part of your epic day, and for the privilege of letting me meet your amazing family and friends! Thanks so much for your generosity, for being super chilled and making my job easy! I have no doubt that your future will be filled with gorgeous sunsets, salty kisses, and sun kissed skin. Sending so much love to you on your one month anniversary! *Eeeek - one month already!!* Your fan, Dee xx