Morne + Dee

I first met Morne and Dee - probably at NO human’s best hour: 5am gym sessions… Not looking fresh as you’d hope, but rather still half asleep and in daggy gym clothes. And when we weren’t half asleep, we were red faced and dying from killer gym sessions… Probably not the best look- but you can only improve from there right?? And wow did they have me fooled! I mean - these two looked great at gym social events, but on their wedding day - WOW! [Yes, I did ask what face cream Dee uses! Apparently Morne uses Dove… *Dove now on the shopping list*] Anyway! These two loves decided to hold their intimate wedding on Stradbroke Island - a literal paradise just off our coast. With the wedding ceremony set for very late afternoon, Morne and Dee decided to do a “first look” to make best use of the time with friends and family post-ceremony - especially with some guests not staying on the island for the reception. These two lovebirds were SO cute at their first look - cuddling and enjoying the time together on the cliffs near Main Beach [while I bossed them around for pics!]. I LOVE Dee’s dress - and her wedding “shoes” (foot jewels) are perfect for a beach bride! The couples ceremony was amazing - with a teeny rain shower at the very start, an emotional ceremony performed by my fav - Jake - and then the sun gloriously poking its head through the clouds for the couples official kiss moment [pretty perfect if you ask me]. One of my favourite things about this wedding [besides the humans in it], Morne and his 4 sons created a sign that Dee didn’t know about until the ceremony which had EVERYONE in stitches! The couple enjoyed time with all their guests following the ceremony and then the last few family / couple photos were taken on Home beach with the sky giving us THE MOST AMAZING backdrop *swoon*. The couple had a gorgeous reception just over the road, and I LOVE the scrabble piece decor! Morne and Dee - I am SO glad I barged my way into your training partnerships by making you work harder and forcing you to do heavier weights and Im SO glad you didn’t shew me away! What an amazing way to end my wedding year with your absolutely perfect wedding. Thank you for letting me celebrate with you, and for giving me the honour of documenting this day for you. Happy one month anniversary loves! Dee #2 ;-)