Sam + Kiss [Las Vegas]

I ALMOST missed out on this wedding that I now hold so dear. Truth be told, I get LOADS of requests to head to Vegas for elopements after Jason and Aimee’s Vegas wedding was published in Rock n Roll Bride, but people get put off by the fact that I actually live on the other side of the planet… I am SO glad this didn’t deter Kiss and Sam from sending through an enquiry anyway [because 2 things: 1 - YOLO, and 2 - what have you got to lose just by asking, right??]. Turns out you actually have so much more to gain, like friendships, amazing experiences, and all the warm and fuzzies you’d expect to come with that. Sam and Kiss are based in the UK, so our catch ups were through FaceTime [they even had to witness my children arguing over an apple WHILE I was on a crucial FaceTime session with them #mumlife], emails, DM’s and just plain #stalking through social media. Our chats were endless, GIF’s and bitmoji’s got the best of us, also the personal girl crush that Kiss and I both have on JLo helped, and we all got on like a house on fire. [These people are my people yo!] I especially love that Sam and Kiss wanted NOTHING to do with the “cookie cutter” wedding, and wanted everything to be the way THEY want it done [PEOPLE - TAKE NOTES, THIS IS WHAT ITS ABOUT!]. Round of applause for the lady! Fast forward 18 months of planning / stalking / excessive obsessing, and I find myself back in Vegas heading to see these two IN REAL LIFE this time [probably not as entertaining for them without my two stinky kids in the background and their apple dramas], but yep - there they were in the flesh! And it was like we’d known each other for years. It was almost weird that there was no screen between us! The plan was to head out for dinner with guests who had travelled to “crash their elopement” on Wednesday night, wake up before the birds and the sun on Thursday for a shoot at the Grand Canyon [to be blogged soon!], and then WEDDING DAAY HEAVEN on the Friday. Wednesday Dinner was awesome, though pricey. Everyone got on so well, it was hard to believe most of us had only just met. Thursday’s shoot at the Grand Canyon was INSANE [though it almost never happened because apparently you need permission from the Tribe of the land before taking photos there - didn’t know that? Me either. :-s ] Anyway, we overcame that hurdle, and we also got lucky with Sam SOMEHOW evading arrest for speeding in Arizona [another fun fact: One can get arrested if doing over 20mph than the speed limit. Can you tell we learned lots that day??] Thursday evening was the Bucks and Hens for the bride and groom, and I was lucky enough to tag along for dinner with the girls where much Mexican and dancing was had before they headed off to see Magic Mike [I was unlucky enough to miss that… :-s ] FINALLY. THE WEDDING DAY ARRIVED! First stop - buying all the weird snacks and last minute bits n bobs from the local CVS to take with us to the desert. Then we headed to the hotel for a pre-wedding shoot, before the couple started getting ready. I think Sam was either nervous or hangry because I had never seen him so quiet [also he’s ultra cool]. Once Sam’s groom prep shots were done, he ventured off to let the bride finish getting ready. Somewhere, somehow, things ran super late and the stress levels kind of went through the roof. [I think there was a broken down limo, some broken down people, and a lack of address for “the desert” LOL…] Thankfully though, we all made it to the Dry Lake Bed, and these two humans were wed. With setup by Nostalgia Resources, a ceremony by Victoria [aka Flora Pop Shop], this was a dream come true for me working with these ladies I insta-stalk daily. Also, the Eldorado dry lake is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever shot at, and I have shot there 3 times in 3 different seasons, and its beauty and sunsets never cease to amaze me. With a dress from Enzoani Kiss looked breathtaking [and her shoes are legitimate SHOE PORN!]. Her 14ft veil kept being blown away by the wind so we used it sparingly throughout the day. Sam and Kiss also asked their guests to keep in theme by dressing in Emerald green and black [* cough cough Trevor *] so everything was stunning. Vows were beautifully read and everyone cheered as the couple were announced as husband and wife. After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed champagne and donuts with their guests, before everyone headed back to the Vegas strip, while the couple, myself, and Mutchy [videographer] stayed at the lake bed for photos / video. After sunset, we headed to Fremont Street to take a few piccies in a gorgeous sequin dress that Kiss had, specifically at the Plaza where the music video by Justin Timberlake’s “Signs” was filmed… A few quick walks, me getting done by police for j-walking, and some kissing under starry lights, the day was done. Because we returned back to the Strip so late, most of the guests had returned to their hotels already, so the few that were left enjoyed a drink together, before Kiss, Sam, Mutchy and I headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for the weirdest Dub-Step party I have ever been to [dub step is cool though]. [It was more the attendees that had interesting attire … and Kiss in her sequin dress, stood out like a glamorous celebrity amongst ripped fishnet pants - yes pants - and too many muffin tops to count. Oops did I just say that out loud?]. The next day [and final day for me before venturing home to the cute apple-arguers], we all chilled out in the sun around the pool, and enjoyed living it up in a bungalow, with way too much food and cocktails on demand. Sam and Kiss, thank you SO much for an incredible experience. Thank you for your friendship, your generosity, your kind words, and for giving me a chance and choosing me to tag along for this amazing season in your life. Im so sad you live SO far away, but know that I shall meet you anywhere in the world, even if just for an average cuppa and a ridiculously expensive breakfast ;-) SO much love for you both, and I shall forever be your number one #fangirl . Forever your fan and stalker, with love, Me. xxxx [*runs off and ugly-cries*]

[If you want to see Mutchy’s INSANE video of the experience, click here!]